NOTICE: Any money that may be exchanged is for companionship only.  Anything else that occurs is a matter of choice between consenting adults of legal majority age.  By contacting me you agree, certify and stipulate that you are not law enforcement nor affiliated with law enforcement in any way - contacting me would be entrapment.  Law enforcement or any person affiliated with Law Enforcement is not welcome and you are advised that you are EXPRESSLY NOT to contact me by text, phone call, in person, in any way, media or manner.  To do so would be and act of harassment and is punishable both criminally and civilly.   All rights reserved. 

CANADIAN CLIENTS (New):  Please contact me via Text to obtain information about my availability dates and specific location information in Vancouver and Edmonton.  Contact me at least one week before you desired appointment day.  

CANADIAN CLIENTS (Existing):  Text me for scheduling using the private number.   

​TEXT Mia:  714-822-4286